Garbrielle Lemos Garcia: The Brazilian World Champion

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Gabrielle Lemos Garcia popularly called Gabi is a Brazilian fighter. She is a trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) expert who won world champion to her side, and an IBJJF Hall of Fame membership recognition. Gabi Garcia, a 6ft (187cm), 111kg, and a 17.5 stone mixed martial art fighter contests with men at times. With her structure, her 50kg punch will be too hard to receive by feeble fighters.

Early Life:

Gabrielle Lemos Garcia was born on November 17, 1985, in Porto Alegre, in Brazil.

Carrier Life:

Garcia has been competing before she gained recognition. Her first mixed martial art competition was on New Year’s Eve featuring fight against Lei’D Tapa, a feared wrestler who decided to go into fighting. Before the fight, Garcia had previously competed in BJJ.

During her fight with Tapa, she was not well trained; this resulted in a stunning win by Tapa. Although she was nearly defeated, Garbi took the lead in the competition with a technical knockout.

Garcia claims that she did not at any time in an amateur category like another girl fighter in the USA.

In a conversation with, she said she was accepted into the super league without going through the beginner section.

Failed Schedules:

Garcia was in the past placed against Megumi Yabushita in a Japanese Championship Promotion Real Fight. However, the fight did not hold.

After this, in March 2015, she was supposed to make her MMA first appearance with Jungle Fight; unfortunately, the fight did not take place.

Nonetheless, Gracia faced Lei’D in Bellator 145 which took place on Dec. 31, 2015, she won the fight via TKO in the first round.

Fight In Abu Dhabi:

Gabi and Fabio Gurgel train together in Sao Paulo. The two joined the Alliance team, but Gabi won two championships in Abu Dhabi Combat Club with nine world BJJ championships not long after.

Drug Allegations:

People who see Gabi’s physique been weird to be of woman accuse her of using drugs. A UFC commentator, Mr. Joe Rogan also doubted Gabi’s look and said she is using male hormones. She said this during a podcast at the beginning of this year.

Vindicated Of Drug Allegation:

In 2013, after performing excellently in IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu World Championships, she alleged of using Fertility Drug Clomiphene (FDC), a stimulant earlier banned by USADA. Authorities reviewed the allegation and Gabi were not a suspension.


  • She won BJJ world champion,
  • Won Panamerican champion Six-times
  • Won World champion professional Six-times
  • Won ADCCC Champion
  • Member hall of fame
  • Two Times Winner of RIZIN MMA fighter.

Team and Affiliations:

  • Alliance Jiu Jitsu
  • Kings MMA
  • fight federation
  • Silva Thai college

Weight: 111.3 kg (245 lb)


She fights BJJ, Boxing, and Muay Thai.


She has black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Famly Life:

Records of Gabi’s background are not viral, but it is known that she was raised with Maricota, her elder sister.

Social Life:

Garcia enjoys her time on Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram. She posts every bit of her life there and seeks an opinion from people. When Gabi wants to fight, she goes to social media to make his fans aware.

Gabia returned to Twitter to celebrate her sixth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Title on December 10, 2016.

Active website:

Facebook Like: 151,693

Follow: 149,768

Instagram: 240,000 followers

Proposed Fight With 52 Years Old:

In an online discussion with Ben Fowlkes, an MMA junkies columnist and Danny Downes, a retired fighter, over Rizin FF’s decision to pitch Gabi Garcia, 32, with Japanese Shinobu Kandori, 52,  in an end of the year battle, it was said that the proposed fight is a nonsense that should not be allowed to take palace.  

However, Gabi said she’s not happy with the proposed fight with the old woman who is 20 years older than her.

RIZIN FF is a two-day annual event staged every year end. It taking place on 29 and 31 of December at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

Joining MMA:

Gabi is a fan of MMA before joining the fight, she said.

In December 2015, she decided to start fighting MMA and had luckily she had her third appearance in MMA in September 2016.

Garcia always says she expects a poor fight been new in the MMA fight. She said people have high expectation for her debut, but because she is not perfect yet, she does not.

Garcia also did not fight in the amateur stage before joining MMA. Now she is adapting to strikes and punches from the opponent. She is improving due to support from Cris Cyborg, an outstanding MMA fighter.

Love For Cris Cyborg:

She admitted been a fan of Cris before joining MMA. Gabi confirmed that Cris trained her and introduced Gabi to her coach for joint training. She confirms Cris to be a good fighter and a monster.

Gabi talked about is’ fast punch. When she punches Cris, she replies in folds, not knowing where the jabs are coming from. She said no woman in the world could defeat Cris, stating that she is the world’s best female MMA fighter.

Fight With Men:

Garcia is no longer finding fight with women hard; she is proposing to fight with men who are ready to war with her.

While speaking early this year in the presence of her coach, Babalu Sobral, she said she is prepared for a standard battle with men

According to speculations, Garbi is already meeting Japanese men for a future fight if they are ready. With her physique, the tall woman can take down heavy weight men in a moment let alone feeble Japanese fighters.

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