What is Affiliate Marketing?

  • Yusuff Olayode Tuesday Jan 03, 2017

The World Wide Web is helping to create works and opportunities in all strata of human endeavor. From marketing to e-commerce, the internet has a real turn around in all walks of lives. One of the opportunities created by the internet is affiliate marketing.



Understanding the Concept

Affiliate marketing is a devised way in which companies sell by discounting their products to individual or businesses who sell them to earn a decent return. Reliable companies see the need to entice marketers who are only paid when they sell. Although affiliate marketing is a longtime strategy that recently gained prominence. Drug companies employ this means to sell while their sellers (marketers) are paid for doing so.

Today, it is seen as an internet marketing medium where advertisers (company or individual with a product or services to sell) credit publisher after his performance is felt either through sales or convincing customers to join a platform. Affiliate marketing does not resemble Google Adsense altogether. Unlike Adsense, where click determines what you earn, results ascertain the pay in affiliate market. The result can come in the form of sales, awareness creation, or service ordering. Advertisers only pay when it has been confirmed that the result is convincing.


Approach To Affiliate Marketing

Two things are involved in affiliate marketing. It is either you are the one offering affiliate program to individuals or companies (advertisers), or you sign up for the program (publisher).


Advertiser (Dealer)

In affiliate marketing, an advertiser is a company or individual that has a product or service to offer. Advertisers agree with sellers to make sales either through direct sales or lead generation. Advertisers like affiliate marketing since they do not need to pay for a click, but for product sales or service rendered.


Affiliate Marketer/Publisher

Also called Affiliate, partner, or associate, an affiliate marketer is someone saddled with the responsibility of generating sales for a particular product or service with the intention of gaining reward on every sale made. While promoting products, the advertiser gets returns on every product sold.


Affiliate Network

When publishers meet advertisers, the deal appears achievable. A network is a circle where advertisers and merchant meet. In this network, the payment of an advertiser is managed by already laid down rules the system follows. While the publisher is rewarded when the service he pledged to undertake is done.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is rewarding for the two parties involved. When you pledge allegiance to any Affiliate marketing program, you are told to pick products you intend selling without while you are monitored with a distinct affiliate identification code to track your performance. This affiliate code tracks your performance when people click on it to buy a product or service through you.

Some affiliate networks have already generated unique code embedded in links, banners, images, and other means used. You paste this link on your websites as either banner email or advertisement text. The moment visitors click on it, they are redirected to the site where the product or service are sold, possibly an e-commerce website.

When purchase comes through your link, you get a credit immediately. Your ID is tied to the relationship already, and it is what is used to get you bonuses as agreed while you want to register.

While the sales go through you, you can also track them from the provided dashboards given to you by the affiliate network. It is not necessary you sell every time, but be rest assured that anytime your link generates a sale, you are credited.


Payment Terms Used In Affiliate Marketing

Different terms are used in affiliate marketing to reduce ambiguity and make communication between advertisers and publishers easy.


Pay per Sale (P-P-S): when affiliate marketing involves P-P-S, you are only paid a certain percent when sales are generated from your referral link or website.


Pay per Click (P-P-C): You are only paid each time a visitor click on your link, banner. Visitors you direct to a website determine your pay.


Pay per Lead (P-P-L): When contact details are provided by guests when they visit referred site, you are paid for the referral.


Affiliate Marketer Tips


Pick Products Within Your

Do not operate too many affiliate programs, sticking to few ones that are related to your purview earns you high pay since your visitor get interested without them quickly.


Your Traffics Determines Your Pay

Convert your visitors to cheap cash; they determine your pay. You can use Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to lure visitors to your site and easily convert them to money through affiliate marketing.


Know Required Products

Do not advertise products that your visitors will not like to buy, instead, advertise what they will like to buy with ease.


Learn New Affiliate Ideas

You need to learn new things about affiliate marketing to have a smooth move each time. Affiliate marketing requires every time learning since its criteria changes.


Work With Correct Advertisers

Some self-acclaimed affiliate merchants are on the internet to dupe you; please beware of them.


Affiliate marketing is a cheap means of generating sales. For start-up companies needing customers and sales, they can tap into affiliate marketing to make sales without much ado. While Affiliate marketing may be good for advertisers, it is also rewarding for marketers who have a means of communicating to large visitors either from a website or social media platform.

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