Marketing Experts Reveal Top 5 Tips To Promote Home Improvement Businesses Online

  • TheTick Times Tuesday Jan 03, 2017

Home improvement usually refers to projects aimed at the alteration of the structure of an existing home. Home improvement also includes the upgrading of gardens, lawns and structures found outside of a house. Such structures may include gazebos and car parks. Furthermore, home improvement covers maintenance, repairs and a wide-ranging of servicing tasks. Home improvement projects have one or more of the following goals

  • Comfort through the upgrade HVACs, the of gourmet structures to , bathrooms or kitchens, waterproofing basements, soundproofing rooms and increasing the capacity of service systems in homes.
  • Maintaining structures
  • Repair projects
  • Creation of additional space
  • Saving energy etc.

Running a home improvement business is an excellent way to start out as an entrepreneur.  This is because of the relatively low barrier for entry into the business. Consequently, there is an increase in the number of home improvement service providers around, and with the emergence of online marketing as a top player in doing business, many home improvement companies also employ online marketing as a means of doing business mostly through running websites. Traffic, however, is hard to come by for most of these websites. Hence, there is the need for home improvement businesses to follow certain tips aimed at helping them generate more traffic and improve their online exposure.


Focus On The Use Of Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are long and precise keyword phrases specific to whatever services offered to customers by a business. Long-tail keywords are usually used by customers when they are close to paying for searched item or services.
Home improvement business websites should have on their website, posts that include all the relevant terms and phrases related to the broad field of home improvement. This makes such sites to be frequently found during searches.
Statistically, long-tail keyword accounts for the bulk of web searches and thus increases traffic on websites using them as they cover high commercial intent keyword bases.


Start A Forum On Your Home Improvement Website

An active forum swiftly initiates ranking for long-tail keywords. A website forum also decreases the site’s bonus rate, increases time spent on the site by visitors and helps build an online community.
Customers, often time are interested in discussing whatever opinion they have about services provides by businesses, and this makes building an online community on your site very useful as it provides an avenue for customers to initiate conversations and this translates into more traffic for your website. Aside from increasing traffic, your website forum also exposes you to customers as they tend to give tips on how to further improve your services and marketing strategies thereby helping you reach new heights in business. Putting into service a robust commenting system, third-party social media solutions is also a good way to go. Finally, the most interesting thing about a website forum is that as costumers talk about your services, they help you generate rich and fresh keyword content useful on search engines and they do this for free.


Make Use Of The Social Media To Advertise Your Business

One effective way of increasing the traffic on your home improvement website is through the use of social media channels. Having good contents and service descriptions on your site does not necessarily help to you gaining more traffic on your website because you can only hope people find it. There is a need for you to be proactive. This means you have to make use of social media channels in promoting your website. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of the most active social media channels used in developing websites and brands.
LinkedIn has over time become the world’s biggest professional social network and also now an important publishing platform. As such, having linked contents posted on the platform on a regular basis helps boost traffic on your website and also increases your profile in the home improvement industry. 
However, it doesn’t stop there. Alongside sharing contents on social media channels, you also need to participate in the community. Also, you have to provide answers to questions and connect with your readers.


Make Use Of Compelling Headlines For Your Posts

Undoubtedly one of the most important parts of contents, the headline makes people get involved. Having compelling titles or headlines for your posts is a sure way to increase the rate at which your posts are read. Your headlines should be able to arouse readers’ interest and also clear benefits to the users. Learn to use the compelling headlines, so when next you set out to raise awareness or further expose your brand online, you will be sure to have compelling headlines or titles. 


Make Use Of The Opportunity Provided By Email

Although many businesses focus more on drawing the attention of customers through content marketing, including a link(s) in emails back to your blog posts can significantly increase traffic and raise awareness about your online platform.
Typically a traditional method of marketing, email marketing is also a powerful tool for advertising your services online with strong email blast resulting in a significant boost in traffic.
Pleasant email reminders about upgraded service can help stimulate the traffic on your site.

Though starting a home improvement business seems quite easy, the difficulty of managing such a business is cumbersome, and its survival lies in the ability of the business owner to sustain the business. Running a website is one sure way to get started. With the emergence of online platforms as the leading avenue for doing things, generating traffic is expedient, and will impact positively on the firm.

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