Crafting for Couples.

  • Yusuff Olayode Tuesday Jan 03, 2017

According to recent studies about women, 74 per cent of them has the only sexy trait they desire in man to be DIY skill. So, man, you can lay your hands on some crafting with your spouse to be more loved and cherished.

To achieve some DIY with your love, we have provided some crafting (DIY) for you in this article. We hope you find them interesting.


1. Aromatic Candles

With your love, DIY candles for the couple are a fun game you can lay your hands on. To get the material needed, visit any craft store in your environment. Get scents and candle wax of any colour. You can select as many colour as possible.

To start this DIY for couples, melt candle wax in a boiler with your cooking stove. As pet of fun, tell your Dearie to choose from the scents and mix with the wax, and continue stirring.

Place form, like balm bottles on the floor, put the liquid wax inside. Carry your Sweetheart along while you do this. You can light two to three for candlelight feast.


2. Couple’s Photomap