10 Biggest Technological Improvements in 2016

  • Yusuff Olayode Tuesday Jan 03, 2017

So many garbages in the name of innovation exist today. From apparent imitation to useless designs, our societies have been filled up with lots of technological designs. However, some of this emerging technology stands out, and truly have something important to do in our society.

Comparing the impact these emerging technology may have on our societies, we have outlined ten biggest technological improvements for the year 2016. This publication highlights the emerging technology due to our understanding that they have the potential to diversify our existence or are already doing the diversification.


1. Robot For Interactive Body Assistance (RIBA)

The problem of lifting patients after falling or been unable to carry them has been solved. RIBA is a robot with the capacity of lifting patients from either a bed to the wheel chair, or from the wheel chair to bed. It is regarded as the first robot to show this wonder.

RIBA has a firm arm resembling that of human, and uses accuracy sensors to achieve this objective. This automaton was designed and developed using structural design mechanism, Riken’s controller, sensor, Tris material, and structural design technologies.

Another robot that gives health workers the stability and strength needed to carry patients has also been produced. The robot clings to the waste of workers and conveniently makes them carry the patient without fear of fall or collapse. The producer of this robot is called HAL, and it appearing that the robotic device will flood the health market very soon.


2. Reusable Rockets

What is actually common to rockets is that they cannot be used again after their first journey. This space travel vehicle is destroyed after its first journey to the space. However, a new technology has proved that rocket can be upright when it lands, and has the possibility of been sent on another journey. The idea was successfully tested when a rocket went to the space and successfully landed on a pad without it been destroyed. The brains behind these are Blue Origin Company of Jeff Bezos, and the SpaceX by Elon Musk


3. Robot Teaching Robot