These Chants Of Corruption By Odurukwe Finecountry

  • TheTick Times Saturday Oct 22, 2016

Drug took centre stage in Nigeria when the public consciousness about it becomes pronounced from 1984. Before then it was not that known and quite obscure. Today Corruption has become the sing song with even a one year old mimicking the word.

The Result?

Corruption is at an unprecedented level now since the creation of Nigeria. It depends on how you want to define it but it makes little difference. A situation where an Anti-graft Agency find lies and deceit as a convenient means of carrying out their legitimate functions is the greatest low of all times.

 Elders lie to highest sky with careless abandon. Clear cases of looting State treasury to sponsor political party is rewarded handsomely. Pheudophiles abduct others children while the law enforcement officer looks on helplessly, sometimes even with admiration. Traditional Leaders, supposed moral scion of the society, now coopts youths to look for tight pussies and abduct for their pleasurable enjoyment. Budgets are padded front; back, right and left while whistle blowers are thrown from the cliff and nobody rises in defence. Budgets are read and huge sums borrowed yet Government keeps boasting they'll soon .....they'll soon .... For almost two years yet budgeted money is disappearing without accountability. Sigh!

INEC has so much lost any atom of morality electoral fraud is now committed brazenly without ado. Openly judges are harassed and asked what judgment to give while their orders has become matters of executive discretion to abide or discard. The manifest corrupt ones increases their subversion of justice by even openly and brazenly turning the law upside down.
Money meant to feed Internal Refugees are openly diverted while the poor die of diseases and starvation.

Terrorism has been redefined and given a brand name. They attack and slaughter at will and boldly own up as Government gives tacit go ahead. Girls are abducted from school and aiders and abetters, instead of cooling off in prison are enjoying juicy ministerial positions.    

Our dollar is openly a commodity of patronage even as it falls like a joker card against every other currency in the world. It is official. Cronies now repeat with dollars the Import Duty Licence saga of 1985. And in all these the Economy is aimlessly adrift to neo zone. Even employment. Who's talking of due process or Federal Character anymore? It's just a matter of phone call and scribbling something on a call card. Prepare a fathom interview sheet and scribble an endorsement thereon and the juicy offer is ready.

While Promotion is at the pleasure of Oga On Top. This appears to be the lowest of them all. IBB and Abacha is laughing us to scorn. These are super saints in comparison. Please tell it not at the gates. Lest the Scoundrels laugh us to scorn. And query our consciousness that led to this bottomless pit.

Never in history has Nigeria fallen so low. Very abysmally low both in Corruption Index, Security, Life Expectancy, Business Friendliness, Most Risky Place To Live On Earth, Human Right Abuses .... just name it.

The facts are out there. Chant of Corruption is creating Corruption. The Consciousness is reverberating everywhere. Our Government should please focus on Governance and try to strengthen Institutions and adopting Technology as modern means of fighting Corruption.
DSS and EFCC together with the Police Force needs adequate training. What they call Sting operation is actually Daft Operation. Perhaps a Ghanaian journalist who successfully carried out a Sting Operation can be of great assistance. For now the technique adopted is about 100years behind. Please let Federal Government retrace it's job. 

Chants Of Corruption Must Stop!!! Now!

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