Fani-Kayode: Pertinent Questions Begging To Be Answered

  • TheTick Times Thursday Dec 15, 2016

Dear Mrs Fani-Kayode, your husband, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode was no less visible than he was voluble in the last administration in Nigeria. He is presently with security agents assisting them to unravel the mystery behind humongous sums of money brazenly stolen under that regime.

Recently, you were prevented by security agents from gaining access to your bank account. A sitting governor of a state on your summons physically in collusion with his thugs, restrained the security agents from arresting you.

Subsequently, you have lodged bitter public complaints about this development. You say your account was opened in 2005, but that does not mean huge amounts could not have been moved in and out over time.We have no details of the performance of the bankaccount!

Two, if the account was dormant from 2013, was it also dormant from 2005 till 2013? Even if that were so, what is the essence of opening a bank account only to keep it dormant for 3 good years?

Three, can you in all honesty claim absolute innocence and ignorance of the fraudulent activities of your husband juxtaposing your family's opulent standard of living against his legitimate income?

Four, we have it on good record that even when public officials set to be honest in their official dealings, it is close friends and relations like siblings and spouses who urge, prompt, nudge and bully them to steal ...and make life unbearablefor them if they don't! They disrespect, insult and deride them if they refuse to steal!

Five! A woman that steals public funds is likely to spend it on herself whereas a male treasury thief is very likely to squander it on women!

Six... Since, most treasury looters flay the nation's monies by proxy... using close family members or even domestic servants in whose bank accounts they lodge billions of naira, can you in all honesty reasonably infer that the EFCC truly overreacted in your case?

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.


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