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London which has a total population of 8,673,713 is the most populous city in England and the capital city of the country. The city is located at latitude 51.51 and longitude -0.13 with an elevation of 25 meters above the sea level. Regarding commerce, art, fashion, healthcare, tourism, research and development, financial center and more, London is rated as a leading city globally. The city is also known to contain four world heritage centers, which are Tower of London, Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, Westminster’s Palace and the Maritime Greenwich. Also, open spaces and parks make about one-third of the city, making one have adequate places to visit in London.

Looking at the natural features in the city, the Thames River passes through the heart of London. London as a city has quite a number of tourist attractions apart from the four world heritage centers. Explained below are examples of tourist attractions in London.


The British Museum

The British Museum, which is located in the Bloomsbury area, London, was founded in the year 1753 and its was granted public access on 15 January 1759. Although the museum is located in England, it was established as a universal museum on the basis of understanding one another through engagement, irrespective of differences. The museum has varieties of collections with human histories that span for about two million years. The British Museum  is also among the greatest tourist attractions in London, houses over 13 million objet d'art from various countries including Egypt, Greece, Roman empire and more.


The Tower Bridge

The tower bridge, regarded as one of the most famous bridges in the world was established as far back as 1894 over River Thames with the sole aim of easing traffic problems. The then-forthcoming King Edward Vll of Wales and his wife who was also a Princess of Wales officially opened the bridge on June 30, 1894. The bridge is one of the most respected figures in the United Kingdom. The bridge is said to have two towers tied to each other with two walkways at the top. Beneath the tower is a space that allows the passage of vehicles.


The Hyde Park

The Hyde Park that covers 350 acres is one of the largest park located in London, and it converges quite a number of tourists since the year 1635. Often assumed to be part of the park is the Kensington Gardens and this is due to their attachment. Originally, King Henry VIII created the park for hunting in 1536. Landmarks at the park include the Speakers' Corner, a traditional forum where free speeches are made, the former abode of the first Duke of Wellington now known as Apsley House and the Wellington Arch.

Other tourist attractions in London include the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben and Parliament, the Coca-Cola London Eye and more.

Apart from the tourist centres which are also places to visit in London, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is also a place you should attend as a visitor or tourist in London.


Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Tour of the Warner Bros. Studio, London will give you the opening to explore behind-the-scene of the magic movie Harry Potter, with the opportunity to see varieties of costumes and props used in the making of the film, and other vital things about the movie like the office of Dumbledore.

Whether you live permanently in London, or you are a visitor, if your lifetime in the city is without some activities, you might find it annoying. If you are still in London, it not late yet as you can engage in some of those things.


Things To Do In London includes


Walking Around Westminster

Walking around Westminster is something great you’ll never want to miss. Walking around the area, you’ll need to walk through the parliamentary house, a stroll to Westminster Abbey, a walk around along the River Thames and viewing of Buckingham Palace guard as they change.


Get Boris Bike To Rid Round Hyde Park

Boris bike is a scheme that allows you to rent bikes in London to move around. The bikes help you to travel short distance within the city. A beautiful place to ride the Boris bike is around the Hyde Park. Sometimes the bike is enjoyed with calmness at a fast speed by moving the bike from the Hyde Park Corner, towards Serpentine. At Serpentine, depending on the weather condition, you can enjoy swimming or ice-skate. Not getting a ride through this Park before leaving London is a great miss. Moving around Hyde Park is one of the great things to do in London.


Hampstead Visit

Hampstead is located in West London, and it serves as the home of artists and intellectuals. The street is a delightful one, coupled with the housing of Hampstead Heath, where is a green giant, and old city park is located. Visiting this place is amongst of the best things to do in London.


Get To Stadium For Football

Among the most valuable and exciting leagues around the world is the English Premier League. Evident of such, why would you leave London without visiting the stadium to catch a football match live.

Looking at the natural resource and cultural artifacts found in London, I can bet it that London falls among the best cities to visit around the world.

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