Custom Beach Cruisers

  • TheTick Times Tuesday Jan 03, 2017

The name custom beach cruisers were formed from the articulation of three different words. Breaking the word down, the three word has a different meaning. Custom is regarded a habit, norms, practice or tradition of a particular thing. While Beach means an area of land that shares a border with sea or lake and contains sand. On the other hand, Cruisers in this sense refers to motorbikes or bicycles.

Combining the three word, custom beach cruisers relates to a motorcycle or bicycle specially made for beaches to suit a particular tradition or norms. Talking about the bike, it is quite different from the usual one used for racing. It is a bike made with a balloon tire; that has a remarkable style which allows you to sit on the motorcycle upright, with your hand up and your legs forward. Cruiser style is majorly derived from an American machine, hence, much common in America. It is a heavy duty and durable bike, which last long.

Some people think beach cruisers are for females or amateurs alone, but in the real sense, it is designed for every individual. They are designed to give comfort even above other types of bicycle.

Custom Beach Cruisers are of various kinds, and they include:


1. Wide Tire Cruiser Bike

Wide Tire Cruiser Bike is one of the Custom beach cruiser bicycles. It is designed with an inner tube and a tire size which is quite different. The 26in x 4in large tire size which the bike is made of gives it better grip and stability on a diverse range of terrain. The Wide Tire Cruiser Bike is also equipped with a seat that offers comfort. Apart from its suitability for the beach, it can also be used on mountains.


2. Big Old-Fashioned Bicycle