3.5 Kg Fetus Removed From One-Year-Old Girl

  • TheTick Times Wednesday Aug 10, 2016

Initially, the doctors thought it was a cyst.

 A 3.5 kg fetus was removed by doctors from a one-year-old baby girl in Tamil Nad, India.


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The malformed fetus was formed in her stomach and has been affecting the child’s health by feeding off her blood supply and nutrition while suppressing her organs.

Born to daily wage labourers, the parents of the child had ignored her larger stomach earlier.

“They might not have gone for their scans regularly or towards the end. So doctors may have missed it,” Pediatric and Laparoscopic surgeon Dr D Vijayagiri was quoted saying by TimesofIndia

“It was only after the child began having issues breathing and having food and the stomach had grown to a noticeably abnormal size did they go to a private doctor in Erode,” he added.

Initially, the doctors thought it was a cyst.

 “It was only when I removed the structure, could I confirm that it was a fetus-in-fetus case. Though it has some bones, a pathology study is what can reveal the organs formed so far,” he said.

Other organs like the pancreas, a portion of the spleen and left side of the colon were attached to the fetus and the blood vessels were splayed around the structure, Khaleej Times says.

“So we had to remove and detach the blood vessels and move the organs away from the fetus without injuring them. Once the fetus was removed, we manually placed all the organs in the places where they should have originally been,” said the doctor.

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